Between the high plateau of Thay and the Dust Desert of Raurin lies the oft-conquered land of Murghôm. Murghôm shook free of Mulhorandi bonds when that nation collapsed, only to fall under the dominion of fiercer masters—the dragon princes.

Murghôm’s cities and settlements are ruled by mighty dragons. Each dragon prince claims a particular village and the region around it. Most are served by a retinue of human viziers, mercenaries, advisors, and chamberlains. Humans not part of a prince’s coterie view those who willingly serve a malicious dragon as traitors and betrayers.

Some dragon princes are benevolent, others distant, and a few downright nasty. Some require the name of the city they rule to be changed to their own; others don’t care, as long as they receive monthly tribute in gold, jewels, and food.

Dragon princes regard dragonborn with suspicion, knowing most of them have little love for draconic kings.

Great Wild Wood

The Great Wild Wood covers much of Murghôm. The forest is known for its vicious beasts. Few people live inside its boundaries. Miles above floats the earthmote Dracowyr. A winged shape can often be seen patrolling it.


This “crossroads of Murghôm” has grown from a village to a city over the past seventy years, and the winding streets and jumbled architecture are a testament to this rapid growth. The newest parts of the city are built around the palace of Skalnaedyran elder blue dragon. Skalnaedyr is rarely seen, but his vizier Merwena has the authority to speak in his place.

The city has grown so large because Skalnaedyr was the first dragon prince to give a measure of respect and freedom to his human subjects. People early on flocked to the city, finding work in various trades. Other dragon princes have since attempted to emulate Skalnaedyr, but most prefer to rule through fear rather than respect.


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