Elven shaman



100 years prior, when Traril was still a baby swaddled in leaves and moonlight, an eladrin of unknown decent arrived one night during a full moon. As the adults of the Tharalune tribe were engaged in their rite to Selûne, the eladrin sought out the new-born and left on the boy-elf a curse—a curse that bound his destiny to Selûne’s oldest friend and deepest enemy, the deity of the drow, Lolth. Upon the baby’s back is a scar which heightens in pain at each full moon, reminding Traril of his cursed destiny. Many of the tribe felt deceived by the eladrin, even suggesting it was really a drow in an evil veil of disguise. The curse bestowed on Traril drove him to learn everything he could of Lolth and her followers. His natural abilities never proved strong in the Arcane, though. He found power and solace in the powers of the Primal world around him, leading him to the path of a Shaman. He remains committed to understanding all about his curse: learning the Dark Speech of the drow, learning the rituals of his nemesis.

In his most recent history, his people were attacked once more by a surge in evil—a surge strong enough to break through the ranks of the elven guards and scatter his tribe. Traril and (Fward) fought until the evil broke through, at which time they followed suit and made a break for their lives. They watched their village burn as they made their way out, seeing their tribe scattered into the woods. The two relied on each other’s abilities as they fought off few lone stragglers, and eventually ran into a group of shifters who were making their way through the forest en route to the town of Skalnaedyr. The shifters took in their traveling troupe the two elves.

Once to town, one of the Longtooth Shifters named Ash, who had heard the stories of evil from the elves, joined the two to learn more about the cause of what was happening in the forest. The three took on many an adventure in the old forest, fighting off small groups of evil, though they remain just as uncertain as to the cause or source of this evil.


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