We will play on the following evenings, starting at 6:00pm.

  • Aug 22
  • Sep 19
  • Oct 3
  • Oct 17
  • Oct 31 ???

Note, no game Labor Day (Sep 5).

If two or more people have to miss a game, we’ll cancel.


The campaign takes place in the world of the Forgotten Realms. Events start in Murghôm, a land ruled by dragon princes.

It is early in the Year of the Ageless One. Nearly two score of elves and half-elves, once calling themselves Tharalune, have congregated in the village Blum. The bitterest nights of winter have passed, yet, for survivors from the elven community of Tharalune, bitter memories burn brightly still. One year ago Tharalune was destroyed by forces of Ghalorathas town. The forces invaded Tharalune, killed its elders, and burnt it to the ground—all in the name of saving Ghalorathas from religious dissidents.

In three nights, rituals of loss and remembrance can be performed under the light of the full moon. While most meet now to expunge the painful memories, some are less elegiac.

  • The elven shaman Traril returns after a year of spying from the Great Wild Wood. With his companions Ash and Aelar, he seeks vengeance upon the perpretrators of the destruction of Tharalune.
  • Hektor, a human with a dangerous past, accompanies the mysterious deva Hira on her divine mission. They find themselves caught up in the events around Blum. How does this relate to Hira’s higher calling?
  • The half-elf Maerylle seeks absolution for her acts that supported the attack on Tharalune one year ago. Yet she is not all contrition and meekness.

Hidden Embers

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